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Why I don't work at a pizza place anymore. (WARNING: OBSCENE LANGUAGE)

As you may know, I have been working at a certain place, wherein I got promoted, and demoted 6 months later, due to "my whole music thing" and "I couldn't handle the position" So I'm replaced by a guy who, admittedly, I resented at first. However, he did not want to work at that location, so a few months later, they moved him back to his old store, and enter the demonspawn known as Sarah.

Let me back up here.

My first replacement was bitching about his pay one day. I asked him how much he was supposed to be making, to which he replied "$9.50." In the SAME EXACT position, they only gave me $8.50, and told me nothing of how much I was supposed to make.

What was he complaining about? $9.00.

Yes, they shorted me fifty goddamn cents. So, okay fine, I'll take the demotion, I'll prove you wrong and I'm gonna work my way back up. So, thats what I did for about three months til they finally gave me a raise!

of $00.10. Yes, I was furious; This song was born a week later.

Why I didn't start looking for a job right then I don't know, but I stay quiet until my 1 year 6 months with the store approaches. I started asking for my raise. I got better at my job. I adjusted to the selling of a new product, that decreased productivity by at least 20%, cuz it was a pain in the ass to make. But one thing remained unbearable: Sarah, my replacement's replacement. (I'm not disclosing her last name, as to remain within the law, cuz it's about to get nasty)

Oh good God, this spent piece of used jet trash is the scum of the earth. For the first couple of weeks I viewed her as "okay," especially since I enjoyed befriending my last replacement. But her. She was everything that is wrong with the earth. The type of girl who is stupid and clueless, but for some reason CAN'T SEEM TO STOP FUCKING TALKING AT ME.

YES, every day I worked with her I had a new Sarah story I could tell my friends, such as "her grandmother (who apparently is only a few years older than her), flashes everybody." She really really wants (IN HER WORDS) "a slutty waitressing job." "Her boyfriends cat scratched her." How hungover she is from the night before." "How she flirted with a coworker(NOT her boyfriend), called him cute, then didn't understand why he flirted back (I really, really wish i were making this up)." And much much MUCH more!

Apparently, she was under the impression that everyone loves to hear her talk, when, in reality, THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO LISTEN TO YOU, ONLY DO SO TO GET IN YOUR FUCKING PANTS, YOU'RE JUST TOO GODDAMN STUPID TO REALIZE IT. (And I will be trying to get the link to this site to her.)

In other words, girls find you stupid and annoying. Guys find you attractive and annoying.

I'm in a happy relationship(in which my darling would laugh maniacally when I came home with a new "Sarah story"), so I DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR SHIT. View the Joe Rogan YouTube video where he was in a similar situation. Go ahead, I'll wait.

See, you dumbass, nobody HAS to hear you. You're just so used to guys pretending that you're interesting, that you mistook me for SOMEONE WHO GIVES A SHIT.

So, Sarah, after a few months, finally picked up on the hint that I disliked her. (at her intelligence, I'm surprised it didn't take longer, I'm proud) So, she became resentful of me and used any moment she could to assert her authority. Like when we were told to clock out to go next door, as long as we were open. Going next door only takes 30 seconds give or take, without exaggerating. We would often go next door to get cheap beverages and ice, since we didnt have ice where we were. So, at first I humored them until Sarah's boss, said "don't worry about it." So, I gladly stopped pointlessly clocking out for 30 seconds. but Sarah would tell me to clock out anyway, like the "big bad boss" she became. Oh, well, I'm listening to your boss, kthxbye.

So, it's Friday, truck day. Its 2 hours until we open, and I'm lifting many heavy objects. I don't have money to buy a drink, so I walk over to get a cup of ice for some water. Upon my return, Sarah does her "big bad boss, even though I'm a 19 year old kid" routine and tells me she's gonna have me written up. I ask why, she said cuz I didn't clock out. I told her that we weren't open, and she said it didn't matter. So, I walked away and said "what the fuck ever" as I just wanted to do my job and go home.

I should probably tell you here, that at this point, my patience was worn thin and I had developed a habit of going next door and laughing at her when she told me to clock out. So, no I didn't go about it the right way, but man, I hated this bitch.

Fast forward two hours, her boss unwillingly writes me up, and also tells me I'm fired because I had "three violations" for the one incident. "Insubordination." "Foul language (no shit, I censored myself for no one for 1yr6months and NOW it's a big deal?)" and talking back or something, I don't remember. But anyway, this bitch got me fired, so, to her I'd like to say:

Sarah, you knew my situation. You know that I'm in a long distance relationship, trying to save money to go see her. I told you all of this, yet you wanted to complain about HOW YOUR BF MIGHT MOVE 30 MINUTES AWAY AND YOU'LL NEVER GET TO SEE HIM. well, boo fucking hoo. Who the fuck do you think you are? Are you just that fucking stupid? Please don't answer your computer screen, I can't hear you through it.but seriously, I'm pretty sure you could get my number from work still, so text me, and tell me why the fuck you would get me fired over goddamn ice. You know, our bosses know (their words), I was better at your job than you are. I know youre sucking dick and kissing ass to get a promotion, but I was told that you can't handle YOR CURRENT position. So, good luck I hope you give good head, I'm sure you've had lots of practice. But I digress. Mainly, I'd like to say, you failed. I don't know if you were trying to ruin my life. or ruin my goals. or "teach me a lesson." or my relationship, or what. but I am going to get another job, I'm gonna work my way up, I'm gonna make good money, I'm gonna see my amazing girlfriend, and when I'm famous from my music, I won't even remember you fucking exist. You'll die a useless, pointless, forgotten piece of garbage.


Maria, it was great meeting you and shnarig this experience with you as well. What a great weekend with MeRa and Brian. But I think the best part is the bonding we've all done after the workshop, the feeling of togetherness, and knowing we all have this community of women who get it and will lift us up when we need lifting, hold our hand when we need holding, and share and support always. It was and continues to be truly amazing. You are an extremely talented photographer and I am blessed to share this journey with you. ♥xoxo Marcy

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