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Useless Release Party.

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1919 Hemphill will be host to the official You'll Never be More Than a Useless Cartoonist release party on the 30th of september, and you're invited to come out and hang with Vizzie Inc!
They can't charge you to get in, but donations are greatly appreciated, we're asking $5 from each guest to help thank those guys, and keep 1919 going strong!
The party is celebrating the first official release from Vizzie Inc, my debut album! It comes out on 9/11 on iTunes, Amazon, and almost everywhere you can purchase mp3s! Useless Cartoonist is the conclusion of a years work, featuring everything from the very first beat I'd ever produced in "Cyndi Lauper," three guest appearances from Vizzie Inc members Artiztik, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Benign, an explosion of guitars, synths, drums, and vocals that make Tom Waits sound like Frank Sinatra. The album explores many different feelings of obvious sarcasm, the mundane depressed musician, the barkings of a punk kid screaming about the injustice in society, mid-song epiphanies, and the occasional, but most likely hidden uplifting message that concludes the pseudo-story that resides in every song. It's an album that's full of as many ups and downs as I had in the year of making it. It's intended to be judged by the cover, ie. my insecurities. I was always good at drawerin' cartoons.

-The event itself will be a two hour event introducing Tommy Tizzle in his first live performance, opening the show for me with Pretty Boy Floyd. Watch some history in the making!

-Benign will bring his guitar and use his clash of alternative-rock/punk/raps to put on his own set to promote his upcoming Vizzie Inc. release, Consciencness Raising.

-And finally, I will be performing my debut album in it's entirety for you guys.

The whole thing is sure to be a blast, and everyone who comes will recieve a FREE digital download of Useless Cartoonist! The hard copies of the album will still be available for purchase at the party, along with other merch and all those knick knacks you kids love. But, if you cant wait til the 30th, pre-order your copy of my debut album right here, to IMMEDIATLEY recieve 4 tracks from the album, it also comes with stickers, and every album has two inserts.
The "Treasure" cover is blank/reversable for you to draw/color/collage/paint your own cover to the album! Send a picture of your cover to or upload it to facebook/twitter and tag me in it, all covers will be on display on the Vizzie Inc. website! Thanks, and see you there!


- these are awesome! She is gogerous and so are these portrait! And she totally does not look like that cat is giving her ANY trouble totally casual haha!

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