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Tom Waits, Cosciencness Raising, Album Progression

Hello again! First a message from Benign:

"Hey its benign. My new album Consciencness Raising due June 21st will be delayed until July 4th due to rerecording process. Yes the benign songs you know and love are getting the sound they deserve. This album features 13 original tracks in a 3 part act about discovering the arguably perfect medium between hard alternative rock, pop and rap. Thank you to all of you. Remind your friends to like Vizzie, Benign, Pretty Boy Floyd and Odder Moniker facebooks... but only if you do. Otherwise direct negative creationist based comments at us."

About the group album that's in the works, nothing. Sorry guys. Took a little time off to relax, (aka work a shitty job more) and record this:

If you're familiar with the song, feel free to leave a negative or positive comment about me butchering a Tom Waits song! In any other case, I hope you enjoy.


Dear diary,

Being a musician, is also being a businessman. It sucks.

But I'm actually getting my feet planted. And it's exciting. I'll be distributing my album digitally quite soon, and I'll be selling physical copies, when they release 9/11/12. I feel like a small snowball at the top of a hill.

And it feels


Pun fully intended.


Thanks for reading.


Empress-you cleared up so many thgins for me-watching this show makes me a nervous wreck!! I missed the part with the lawyer and her fingers-(I must have been covering my eyes or something) and I couldn't figure out why she would give Joe the time of day.Emma totally scares the crap out of me and will probably end up killing everyone on the damn show!!!when my Dad came by today for coffee (our Tuesday and Thursday ritual) I told him Im all caught up on the show-he immediately asked me which FBI agent I thought was a Follower he thinks the boss lady and Im suspicious of everyone-even Clair!!!!Thanks for the great blog Empress!!!!!

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