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Things are happening..

One full track called "Guys of Gisborne" has been produced ft the talents of Benign and Pretty Boy Floyd but..


Aw, don't look at me like that..

OK you can listen to it.

Just kidding, fuck off, wait 'til December when the full album comes out.

There's also a PBF/OM track for the album underway called "Blood Messy Grin"

Anyway, we at the Vizzie Produdios(R) are hard at work to annoy most of you with boring websites, shitty attitudes, broken instruments and angst for the government taking families from their homes. (PBF) The album coming out at the end of the year should be a high energy mix of loud beats, moods you can't describe, and instrumentation that will leave you thinking,

"Are they trying to be bad?"


"Are they trying to be good?


"Dude, I want Taco Bell.."

Cuz, yr probably stoned if you're listening to us let's be honest. And I know
what you're thinking.

Are they sponsored by Taco Bell?

No, we just really like Taco Bell. Seriously, it's so cheap and delicious. Don't get me started on that blue Mountain Dew they have. That is like liquid crack. None of us do crack, but if it tasted like Baja Blast...

Anyway, to sum up:
-group album underway, out in Dec.
-new YouTube concert being posted on 5/29
-download Odder Moniker's Useless Cartoonist for free by clicking this.
-stream or download free music here.
-as George Bush always said, "tacos rule!"

Now, here's a video that has nothing to do with us, for your entertainment pleasure:


This guy likes ducks.

oh, and. Here's a duck:

JK, it's a goose.


I agree with Jess about getting some help with the dpioessern and bulimia. In my experience these things can be very interconnected and getting help on one set of issues can allow other ones to start to make sense as well. Really strong people are strong not because they don't need help, but rather because they have found reliable places where they can turn to get the help they need when they need it. Strength doesn't come out of a vacuum. So I think to develop your strength and health, it would be good to start developing new resources and making good use of whatever resources might already exist in your life. Take it seriously. Take your own well-being seriously. Life is very short. There is no better use of your time then making sure that you get to enjoy it while you're here. And good therapy makes life so much happier.But, I don't think you need to get help before' you can love other people. I think often it is our love for other people that helps us heal and motivates us to do the work we need to do. I like this quote: Being loved gives us strength; loving others gives us courage. Growing and confronting something like dpioessern and bulimia takes a lot of courage. Knowing that you can help create a healthy future for you and her together can help you get the courage you need. So I would not withdraw from your love relationship. I would try to deepen and cultivate it.On the question of coming out . . if she is out and proud, then there is only so long this is going to be healthy with you in the closet. Even if she's not out. Relationships need fresh air to survive. Coming out is a very brave thing to do and it is something that can help you with fear and dpioessern. Any act of courage will help you with that. It is *doing* things that are brave, whether we feel brave or not, that helps us change our assessment of who we are and what we stand for. If you care about your relationship with her, then I would really get moving on the whole project of coming out. you don't need to do it in any particular way, and there's a lot of different ways to manage coming out . . but yeah. you gotta come out, if you are going to have a healthy relationship. Your parents can have whatever opinion they want. But it is *you* who will bear the costs of being closeted. You, and your sweetheart. And the costs are tremendous. As you will see, once you come out and experience the difference in self-respect that is possible. I could not believe how much more I liked myself after I came out. In terms of sex . . one thing I didn't realize when I was younger that I do now is that everyone is really different. The best lover of my life was so good not because she had lots of skill but because she was totally clear about telling me what she did and didn't like, and made it really clear she wanted to know that for me as well. And I mean *really* clear, very precise instructions, no shame, just direct and to the point. I have carried that lesson forwards. I don't have sex without offering a lot of questions, taking a lot of time for discovery, trying this and that and seeing what feels good for her. It can be *fun* if you set aside the idea that you're supposed to know things. Instead think to yourself I can *ask* for what I need to know and I can *do* what I'm asked to do, to see if it works for us both. And you can *tell* her what works for you because no matter how much experience she has, guaranteed she is going to miss the mark in some way. It is that attitude that makes a good lover, not technical skill, because what's skillful' for one woman leaves another woman cold.And then in terms of her talking about sex . . you don't say if you mean that she talks to other people brazenly, or you. If you mean she talks to others, then I think you do have a right to request privacy around your experience to a certain extent. If you mean she talks brazenly with you . . try to accept that as how she is. It doesn't mean you have to be the same way. There can be something very tender about a partner who is more discreet and quiet. There are a lot of different ways to be a confident person with integrity, you just need to find one that works well for YOU! And let her be her, and try to enjoy the difference as much as you can!I am happy you have a relationship that makes you happy and that you want to protect. That is a very precious thing, when it happens. I wish you strength and determination and a willingness to admit your own limitations and ask for help where you need it .. that is my wish for you.

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