Vizzie Inc.


The first official Vizzie Inc CD release - Mine!

Hello, folks.

We are just about 2 weeks away from the first official release from Vizzie Inc.

My debut album, You'll Never Be More Than a Useless Cartoonist!

Click her
e to preorder your copy today! Why? Cuz

1. You get 4 tracks UP FRONT before the album comes out!

2. You get exclusive, hand-made, Vizzie Inc. and Odder Moniker stickers

3. You get to brag about how you liked Odder Moniker before everyone else knew who he was.

So, jump over and preorder your copy today!

I'm also throwing an album release party and the details of that will be released soon, until then, keep checking back for updates on the new Vizzie Inc group album that were working on!

I'll leave you with a live version of Cyndi Lauper, introduction to Artiztik.


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