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To make diamonds!

   What you're looking at here is the primordial black ooze that will soon form the first amphibious life forms we lovingly call 'websites'. This one will be the main (or at least really important) hub of all information music showtimes and cool shit of Vizzie.

  Big things are coming. And this is one of the several places you will learn about it. Ooh! Foreshadowing.


Turner -- You're certainly corecrt that the teacher's comment could be taken that way. So you can respond in one of two ways.First, you have INP's approach. You could be offended, take the remark as a condescending insult, and harbor a grudge against a close colleague with whom you work on a daily basis for the foreseeable future. You could undermine her authority at school by being silently complicit in the students' insulting references to her.Or, you could smile politely, chuckle, and say something like Sure! I've lived in Korea for almost four years. I've had lots of practice using chopsticks . And you could move the conversation on to other stereotype-busting topics like how you like kimchi or are actually able to speak a little Korean.If you've lived in Korea for even a short period of time, you've likely faced this very situation. Which approach do you take? Which approach seems more mature to you? Which approach makes you happy at the end of the day? INP and I obviously answer these questions differently, although I'm not sure how much of her hostility is real and how much of it is just shtick for her blog.And finally, I've provided a couple of reasons why the fork analogy doesn't fit well here. I could provide more reasons, such as the fact that some foods are particularly difficult to handle with chopsticks, even for many Koreans. Things like 냉면 and 묵 come to mind. It's pretty easy to stab just about any food with a fork. If you think my reasons don't hold water, why not explain why the analogy is, in fact, a good one? Simply making the conclusory statement that it fits doesn't add anything to the conversation.

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