Vizzie Inc.


Small Update for our bitchez

Shape is forming. Do you like it? Are you ready for what is in store?

If you know anything about us at Vizzie Inc., it should be that without our constant need to bring you something different, or edgy, or new, we couldn't ever be satisfied.

What instruments haven't we used? What sounds can we make a good song with? What visual aspects can we add to our live show that are both entertaining and in our hopes, perhaps awe-inspiring.

Aside from all of this we hope to plainly make something that you wanna hear, and which you can just listen.

Well new horizons are ahead as we constantly chisel at the metaphorical marble that is our "sound."

Here we are 40-50 songs between us trying to whittle it down into one, two or even three great albums. Odder Moniker and I have been spawning new brain children, for which you can lay your ears.

Exciting results so far. And we hope your still with us. Don't touch that Dial.


I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thougrh.
Amazing, thank you!It's also worth changing Next word , Select next word , Delete next word and their Previous crtouenparts to command-right, command-shift-right and so on.

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