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Not really on-topic but I alayws find it surprising that the saying about forgivness and permission is treated as advice at all.It is a statement, an empirically derived fact.Actually, if one would use it to derive an advice it would be to ask for permission, because if it is easier to ask for forgivness then it is very likely not the right thing to do as the right thing is, also empirically, usually the hard thing to do.
The 'Tell the community first' aidvce is a double-edged sword though; you may find that a good idea gets torn apart in what I like to call "a bikeshed of chromatic exuberance".My personal strategy is to start with a very narrow definition of "community" (usually 2-3 persons who tend to have good judgement and aren't afraid to raise concerns). I then gradually loosen the definition until I eventually put on my asbestos underwear and propose something to the world.

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