Vizzie Inc.


Ready to be taken aboard our Flying Saucer?

Flying Saucer is exactly that; a vehicle of abduction. Straying from the conventional rap, rap/rock, and/or rapcore sound, these two artists take you on a journey to tour the many shapes that sound can take. Like an outer space tour of different worlds, we can see that they're all unique, but reside in the mutual space of the Universe. These two Vizzie Inc. alumni, shift the music paradigm into their favor, by mixing the mundane instruments and song structure with the freshly squeegeed third-eyesight, catchy pop hooks, thought-provoking yet cartoonish raps and lyricism, and finally an unmeasurable passion for music.


Im not sure what you mean, monica Thats more of a collage of school work and a painting. I try to make all my stuff look different
MonicaJust a query, do you alter or edit these paintings in any way. Sometimes the igeams look just a little awkwardly composed compared with the artists' other works?

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