Vizzie Inc.


More likes, better reactions and more venues..

Vizzie is steadily growing up. Every day we're adding more unique experiences to our legacy. Last Friday we played a show around downtown Fort Worth called, The Grotto. Not only is our faith in local and unsigned music reaffirmed, Our hard work has molded our abilities and diversity together in a way that solidifies faith in ourselves. It's more than apparent we all share different views and ideas about the world, and the tones and styles of songs, But together we, like Cerberus' 3 heads fighting for the same meal. What we are hungry for, is exactly the same. You. The audience. As we carry you, torn and ragged, in our jowls, We will not bite to feed. We are just carrying you to a home you've never been welcomed in before. Where you aren't spoon-fed the same menial garbage, bite after bite until they've convinced you what you like. We won't do this. And we are not the only group. So find yours. Let's take on the world together until we all (not one person excluded) own it as one.


My turn to say HOLD ON, now don't go pulling a Roger Sterling and let us think you are satitrng to doubt your swagger- do I have to look up a Hare Krishna chant for you to get you back in the 60 s groove of things? I did listen to the CW podcast and it was coolio. Now to quote Don Draper, “You want some respect? Go out there and get it for yourself.” Regards to the most recent podcast, I was glad to hear Kate chime in as well. I am not suggesting any changes to the show format; just wanted to weigh in as a devoted listener and no worries. By the way, am I the only one who thinks the name could be officially changed to Mad Megan, I am growing wearing of her tantrums even though you both channeled the lyrics of Zou Bisou Bisou (kiss kiss) for her being a kind lady c'mon wake up and smell the spaghetti sauce! That Megan temper makes a fired up Sophia Loren look like a passed out Sally under the sofa

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