Vizzie Inc.


Lots of shows cominig up!!

Hello everyone... So the first show we're playing is on the 21st at TomCats West. Its right around corner, so if anyone needs a ride, let one of us know. We will be glad to help our adoring fans.

I'm sure a lot of you will be at Odder Monikers album release party. Which will be the 30th at 1919 Hemphill.

Then we have a show on Friday 10/12/12 Curtain club in Dallas. We need to sell 100 tickets. So tell your best friends, grandma, and baby mamas'. If your in college whore us around your campus and we'll give you free stuff. If you're interested in helping us put together a street team in exchange for free stuff, inquire here.

So, I hope to see everyone there. It will be memorable.

Be safe and remember nothing is unattainable.

Yours Truly,

Pretty Boy Floyd


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