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Hey there, good lookin'

Hello people, I'm in a less pissed off mood so, blog post for you!

I uploaded a new (old) song to my soundcloud, for those who'd care to hear it before it makes it to an album, or b-side or whatever I finally do with it.

It's a song callled "Map Strings" that is one of my favorite original pieces, so I hope you enjoy and pass it on.

In other news, we didn't place in the battle of the bands, but we hung out with the band whom placed second all night; Shaka is a very kick ass punk band, definatley check them out, here!

Our next show will be on March 14th, at The Aardvark, purchase b-nign's debut album, Consciencness Raising for the first time, and hear some live versions of the songs!!

This was a small, less hate-filled update, but I'll surely have things to shoot on in our next update so stay tuned, and for exclusive coupons, information, updates and other free shit, sign up for our nevvzletter!

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def WTF! shiny tights w/ a top that coevrs ur butt is hot... shiny from butt to ankles is not!post'n a link to ur blog on my blog ;) specially love the sex blogs hahaha keep it up!
OMG this post is just hilarious in so many ways! I must admit tgohuh i am quite taken with Paris and her overall see-if-i-give-a-f&#K attitude toward everything in life. You go girl, Paris.From a girl who once named her pet "Paris"

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