Vizzie Inc.


Happy 4th of July, folks

Vizzie Inc. has been hard at work. So hard, in fact, that I'm gonna take it easy with this post as well as giving you all something new and a bit more personal. The video below is a sneak peek at our album in progress ft. the return of our boy, the one and only Artiztik (bio coming soon).

For those of you who don't remember.


For all of you, here is a song that we brought back from the dead. It's getting a frankenstein makeover. The new soon-to-be-released version is behind the previously mentioned video below. And, might I say, it is sounding pretty tasty. Schrodinger's Cat is dead, long live Vizzie Inc.


Joseph-Receiving a compliment at the expesne of those whose work I admire greatly makes it hard to accept. To me it would be somewhat like a person telling me they love VDO "because it's nothing like the work of that hack Stapleton". It'd annoy me as much as flatter me. Frankly, the whole reason I signed on to participate was out of the deepest admiration for both Jim's work here and Jim's superb taste (and that superb taste extends to our newest contributor Spyros as well) and they deserve every bit as much in the way of kudos as I do, in Jim's case more so in fact, as he's the one you can thank for starting this whole goldmine. I didn't even mosey on in here 'til Jim had already been blowing folks' heads off for several months...

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