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Last night was a show worth writing about. Vizzie Inc. opened up a show at the Aardvark with an allotted 40 minutes of stage time.

I feel terrible about forgetting the name of the headlining band, so forgive me.

But the group that played after us was called Heretic Klick, and if you get the pleasure of hearing them, please, write me I'd love to discuss it.

They liked our music, and stuck around to hear it so I will bite my tongue and move on to the highlight of this blog:

Vizzie Inc.

Despite the lack of people and energy from the crowd, I'd say that it was our best show so far. And I can also say that it left me with an almost unexplained optimism that I don't get too often.

We also threw a little smartmark reference midperformance, so we're hoping that will spark a buzz around the professional wrestling network. 2/3's of us are former workers, (IHWE's short-lived tag team, the Skate Punks. By the way, Fuller I want a DVD of that Jimmy Jacobs show)

Anyway, I feel we're the best in the world.

(Sorry Punk, stealing your gimmick)

Vizzie Inc. is the best in the world. No matter if we're playing in front of 15 people, or 100 people, we have fun and we leave those people with the knowledge that they had just seen something spectacular. We'll keep you posted on our next show, but for now, keep checking our videos section to see the first half of our legendary performance.

The second half, thanks to a goof on my part, was recorded with the audio off. So, unfortunatley you won't be able to hear us blowing the roof off of our newest song, Backroad Bump. That is my favorite song so far, and I hope you all enjoy it when our group album comes out.

And don't forget, while you're waiting for that album you can buy my debut solo record on iTunes, Amazon, or here on the website via CDBaby.

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