Vizzie Inc.

The earliest form of group hip-hop involving the artists of Vizzie Inc, was recorded by Odder Moniker and Benign in 2005. Then, under the names TK and Dubble-T with their friend T-rock, they called themselves T^3, and made demo tapes of about 5 or so songs and passed them around the school. Needless to say, the three white boys were not well recieved, as their beats were pirated from limewire, TK could not rap, At all, and their songs were mainly kayfabed about their stint as a backyard wrestling group The Haters. Rapping about other wrestlers, they made hip hop fodder or in one case an "inspiriational" rap song about living in the moment that was somewhat well recieved (we think it's trash now, go figure). T^3 disbanded when T-rock moved to louisiana, though they weren't too serious about the project to begin with.
Two years later, the next rap group morphed from T^3, adding Artiztik to the mix, and called themselves 2BContinued. Their songs were hip-hop fodder, but all three rappers got their first taste of production.
2BC parralelled a band called Schrodinger's Cat with the exact same members, (Benign on guit-vox, OM on bass-vox, and Artiztik on drums) the band played about 5 shows in the span of 2 years and had a bit of a rocky crash and burn. They were more serious about the band but after the band seemed to be breaking assunder, OM began to write raps, getting a taste and bit of inspiration from the Schrodingers Cat song "On The Crane."
In 2010 OM and Benign began composing and producing beats, eventually crafted songs and on february 17, 2011 they each took 6 songs to Sounds Great Studios in Ft Worth, Tx and recorded a split mixtape that they named Liberate Sounds, in which they crafted CD jackets by hand with an old picture of their three cats. They gave the record to everyone they could and developed a small following. Odder Moniker began playing shows in July. By October, Pretty Boy Floyd, who had roadied for Schrodinger's Cat, and best friend of OM and Benign, joined in the fun and had started working on songs of his own.
And that was it, Vizzie Inc. started playing shows together, and are working on their first CD that they will release under the Vizzie Inc. name. They continue to push boundaries in all genres, mainly punkrap, and their on stage presence is something almost indescribable. With a mixture of instrumentation, beats, screams, rap and singing, they manage to stimulate every sense and emotion, and keep the crowd electric.
From the simple bass driven, drum clashed "Shoe Fly" that presents a new take on the tune "Shoo fly, don't bother me!"
to the laid back yet inspiring sound of "Cyndi Lauper"
to their acoustic, powerpop ballad "Esme's Story"
to the swag filled, thought provoking classically composed, nerd-hip-hop jam, "Planeswalker," Vizzie Inc. always works together in amazing ways to give you a show that you'll never forget, including the sight of their baby Carlos and his Aunt Lydia--IMEAN,WOT.
You'll just have to see it.
Vizzie inc.
All for All